I was born and raised in Portland, Oregon. I know this city has gotten a lot of hype in the past few years, but I was around when The Pearl was just a dirty stack of warehouses, I remember quite vividly the great quake of ’93, and  I was even on Ramblin’ Rod once (now that’s one only true PDX 90’s kids will remember). Aside from a short stint in Colorado during college, I’ve spent all of my life in the City of Roses -- well, about nine tenths of it at least.

I'm a designer (graphic, 3D and landscape) by day, somewhat of a serial entrepreneur by night, and a creative "maker" during any time I have left over. I love to travel and see new places, whether here in Oregon, or in another hemisphere. I began this blog because I have always found myself wandering (physically and mentally), but also grounded (or rooted -- get it?) right here in the Pacific Northwest, which has led to sometimes feeling lost without aim. I wanted a place where I could express myself and maybe relate to others who sometimes feel this same way. This is a space where I will document my travels, my creations and occasionally my random thoughts on life.

I live in NE Portland in a 1906 house with a crazy bird dog and my forever partner -- a ginger landscape designer. We love to explore, we love to make, and we love to feel inspired by people and places around us.

Questions? Comments? Recommendations? Send me an email at rootednomadpdx@gmail.com.