If you know me even a little, you’re probably saying to yourself, “wait – was she supposed to be moving?” No, you didn’t miss some big Facebook announcement or Instagram blast in which I announced any sort of relocation. It was more of a scenario I had played out in my head over the past year or so. A scenario in which my guy and I would spin the globe, hold out a finger with closed eyes and carelessly move to wherever our little pointers pointed. I’d get a fresh start in a brand new place – I’d start my own business and have a life full of adventure, exploration, clarity and unicorns shitting rainbows while dancing to the soundtrack of The Sound of Music. Okay, that last part I just added now, but honestly I had this utopian idea of what my life could be if only I could get the heck out of Portland. I mean, I had PLANS!

Well, if there’s one thing that I’ve learned in the past 10 years since being in the so-called Real World, it is that the universe ALWAYS sees your plans. It studies them, understands them and even makes you feel really, really good about them. And then sometimes, it takes your plans, crumples them up, chews them into a fine, gluten-free paste, washes them down with a gulp of organic microbrew, sticks a bird on it and says, “ha-HA, how do you like that, human?!” 

So yeah, my plans didn't pan out. Of course, it's all for very excellent reasons that I'm officially rooted for the time being-- after all, even if your destiny doesn't happen the way you envision, the universe always makes some sort of magic happen. I'm beyond lucky to have an incredible career, to be surrounded by positive people and to have a successful landscape designer at my side as my forever partner. Seriously, my man is TA-LEN-TED! Check out his biz -- He is SO talented, in fact, that his new business is growing like a weed (get it? Landscape design? Weeds?), and about a month ago he informed me that he will be expanding. I was (and still am) beyond ecstatic for him -- for US. And through the hugs, high fives and elation, I heard a crack, and then a crumble. There went the last part of my dream to get out of the City of Roses. As my guy's business has grown some serious roots, so have our lives to this place.

At this point, I found myself at a metaphorical crossroads: I could either feel sorry for myself, throw up my arms in defeat and simply get through my day-to-day, OR (and trust me this other side of the OR is much more exciting), I could create a MAJOR shift in perspective. I could stop feeling stuck in this city, stop dreading hearing yet another joke about hipsters from out-of-towners, and stop feeling like I’ve “been there, done that.” Because the truth is – I haven't even seen close what this city has to offer! I have everything I need and crap ton more to live out every dream I can imagine, right here in this very place. I can take my nomadic mindset and apply it to my current life, in my current location, with a whole new attitude. You get me?

So here I am, starting a blog. “What in the hell does that have to do with the scenario you just told me about, Mallory?” is I’m sure what you’re saying (I'm quite good at reading your mind, no?). My answer to you is two-fold. One: accountability. If I have even the smallest of audience (hi mom!) checking in and seeing that I am in fact following through on this new way of living, then I am about a thousand times more likely to actually follow through. Two: this is the perfect forum for me to combine a few  endeavors I’ve had going over the past year. If you haven’t noticed already, there is a “creative things” tab and a “mindful things” tab – both of which are outlets that I’ve been actively pursuing when I'm not at my desk as a designer. I’ll be posting more on those in time and adding content, so I promise that part of The Rooted Nomad will become much more exciting over the next few weeks. Until then, raise a cold kombucha with me and CHEERS: to new beginnings in the same place, to doing things you've always wanted to do, and to finding inspiration in life that you're already living.