I’ve gotten really into lists lately – handwritten lists, post-it lists, Excel lists (shout out to my amazing accountant pal who has opened my eyes to the Excel budgeting sheet), grocery lists, lists on my phone, and shit-I-gotta-get-done lists. Hell, I even have a list of lists I need to make (I wish I was kidding!). I’ve been incorporating them into my work routine, my household cleaning routine, my coaching business, my financial planning, and even into my vision board. Yep – I’m officially a list girl.  Took long enough, right?

And so, in keeping with my recent theme of lists, I will begin my Portland adventures with – THE LIST.

I’ve compiled a list of places and experiences in Portland that I want to see and do. Some of these things I’ve done, some I haven’t done in 15+ years, and some I have never even tried to do. But if I’m going to truly come at this city from an entirely new angle, then I gotta include everything, right?

Without further ado, I present: THE LIST.




Since this picture has been taken, the list has grown. I’m devising a system that can be updated here on the site, but, like most things I’ve got my hand in, it’s taking some time ;) 

I also have a series in the works based on other people’s Portland reccomendations. I’d like to keep it going, so if you’ve got some Portland things for me to do – send them my way!

Keep exploring,
The Rooted Nomad