So I made THE LIST and then split. I know, I know. I’m slapping myself on the wrist right now for not keeping this site updated. I could give you a list of excuses, but instead, let’s move forward with some better and more exciting things :)

It seems that I’ve actually been doing a bit more nomadding than rooting lately (I realize the former is not actually a word, but flow with me here).  After Christmas, I flew to New Mexico to bring in 2016 with one of my most favorite gal pals, and shortly after that big sparkly ball in NYC dropped, I jetted off to Brasil. Yep, BRASIL. I KNOW. It was incredible to say the least. During my two weeks in the southern hemisphere, I was in the world’s 10th largest city, ate incredible amounts of beans, rice and steak, swam in 6 different waterfalls, had coffee with caimans, and most importantly, visited with long time family friends, and an amazing “sister” who was an exchange student with my family whom I haven’t seen in 11 years. Phew! And the trip seemed just as crazy as that run-on sentence was!

I also did A LOT of writing in my notebook on this trip. I’m sure some posts will come from those musings at a later date, but for now, here is a visual compilation of some of my Brasilian adventures.

So, you may ask, what have you been doing in PORTLAND?

I ask myself this question every day, but usually PORTLAND is replaced with MY LIFE.

Truth be told, I can actually cross a few things off of my original Rooted Nomad list, and I’ve been able to experience some other spots and events that weren’t originally in my queue – be spontaneous, right??

In short, this means I’ve been saying, “yes” to many more invitations and experiences. Want to go to the winter ale fest? Duh. Should we take the dog to 1000 Acre Dog park today? You betcha. Feel like exploring the Audobon Society today? Of course! Want to go walk across the Tillikum bridge at 10pm and shout across the water in the middle? Definitely. Want to stay out late, forego dog-parent duties and get ice cream from Salt and Straw? HECK YES. Okay, I’m sure that last answer was a little TOO enthusiastic, but if you know our dog, you also know that I’m keen on taking breaks from her (sorry, Emma).

So really, I’ve been accomplishing what I set out to do originally, which is fantastic. I’m also developing a more visual way of representing everything I’m doing so all you readers (hi mom!) can easily follow my findings. More to come…

Always onward, ever upward,

The Rooted Nomad